Chateau de L'Horte

The corporate film for Chateau de L'Horte was a final exam project. My vision for the film was to show the interesting process of how a wine is produced. From grape to wine in a bottle. Unfortunately my visit was too early in the season to film some grapes.


It was exciting to me to really work hard for the perfect shot. From waking up at 4 A.M. to film the sunrise to being creative with the short time I had. Finally I made a film I was proud of. This was proof for me that I was ready to graduate.


The week I've spent in France has taught me a variation of lessons. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and especially time to get a shot right. I hope one day I can complete the film with the missing footage of the grapes.


With a lot of discipline and passion for film I managed to achieve a high score for my final exam. A perfect way to complete my studies and the beginning of finding my own filming style.


DATE: April 2016

CLIENT: Nederlandse Fotovakschool Rotterdam

PROJECT: Final exam project

ROLE: Pre-production, Filming & Post-production