The Majestic West

The trip we made lasted 13 days and in those days we explored 7 National Parks. A car, a camera and a map. We were all set to capture the magnificent and remote places we were always dreaming about. After 4 years of being apart the Majestic West and I met again.


The magical almost hypnotizing feeling you get when you walk in such a beautiful place, the feeling that it's all a dream. That's what I wanted to capture. I realized this through patience and time during filming and playing with music and adding sound-effects in the post-production.


What I've learned from doing this project is that I had the best time of my life filming in nature. It is the most interesting thing for me to be experimenting with. You can put in your settings and choose your framing, but nature can't be tamed and definitely not be directed.


DATE: November 2016

PROJECT: Portfolio

ROLE: Pre-production, Filming & Post-production